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Arvenbühl II, Amden – richardsons

Stephen Richardson

It all started with this lamp.  This is my answer when people ask me how we decided to build this house.  The lamp was the find of my wife. She saw it in a shop window and it was on sale.  We really had no place for it but she loved it and decided we would just make a space for it.  Little did we know that the future home of our lamp would be the perfect house of our dreams.  The lamp now hangs in our living room which has become my favourite space in the house.

We feel very fortunate to have worked with Simon on this project from the first basic concepts through to the final design work and on to manage the whole project. We felt very secure knowing Simon was maintaining the complete overview on the project.  


The process was always a two way street where we challenged him and we were challenged by him.  Simon was able to take our feelings and design concepts to find solid, artistic and practical solutions.  We were looking to create a modern version of a traditional mountain chalet.  Using concrete, wood and glass Simon was able to find the perfect balance between warm and cold, hard and soft, inside and out, near and far.  The final result I can describe with one word, Stunning.    Thank you Simon.